Mechanical properties of self-assembled chitin nanofiber networks

Pegah Hassanzadeh, Wei Sun, Johann P. de Silva, Jungho Jin, Kamil Makhnejia, Graham L. W. Cross, Marco Rolandi
2014 Journal of materials chemistry. B  
Chitin nanofibers are structural components of the insect cuticle, the exoskeleton of crabs, and mollusk shells. Chitin nanofibers have found broad use in biomedical applications. Here, we study structure-properties-processing relationships of 3 nm chitin nanofiber networks self-assembled from a chitin hexafluoroisopropanol solution.
doi:10.1039/c3tb21550d pmid:32261415 fatcat:noxykh5dqfagphgih33flonn2q