Do natural resources and social networks matter in rural-urban migration? Evidence from punjab

2016 Scientia Agriculturae  
The present study was designed to estimate the impact of resource degradation and networks on rural-urban migration. Cross-sectional data were collected from Muzaffargarh, Punjab province of Pakistan. Households with migrant family member and non-migrant households were selected randomly from various villages. We used logit model to determine factors affecting rural-urban migration. Results showed that family and social networks had significantly positive impact on rural-urban migration, in
more » ... n migration, in addition to socioeconomic factors, implying that households having strong family and social networks would contribute substantially in rural to urban migration. Availability of transport facility and higher land holdings were negatively related with rural-urban migration. Improving infrastructure, consolidation of landholdings, bettering health and education facilities and creating employment opportunities at village level would reduce rural to urban migration in the study area.
doi:10.15192/ fatcat:awj4cve3v5a4pmmyoqy7pddafq