Proposal for a South African National Accelerator Facility for Physics and Medicine [chapter]

W. L. Rautenbach, A. H. Botha
1975 EXS  
The methods used to select the best accelerator for a national facility for research in the physical sciences, neutron and proton therapy and isotope production are discussed. The analysis showed that a 200 MeV (proton) separated-sector cyclotron will best meet the needs. Some detailed aspects of the design of this accelerator have been studied. The proposed machine will be able to accelerate light and heavy ions and will be capable of delivery external beam currents larger than 100 ~A up to
more » ... han 100 ~A up to proton energi es of 80 ~leV with very hi gh extracti on efficiencies. The main parameters of the cyclotron and of possible injectors are given.
doi:10.1007/978-3-0348-5520-4_21 fatcat:fzihw2hucrcbxc4i5ggbsj7oba