Blockchain Based Warehouse Supply Chain Management using Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer

This research investigates the operation of smart transactions in the blockchain and demonstrates the process of transforming an existing system into the blockchain using the Hyperledger Blockchain Platform. The process includes determining business model requirements and redesigning the business model to be applied to the blockchain system using Hyperledger Composer. The supply management system is the selected case study due to its complexity that can be used to demonstrate blockchain
more » ... tation. This research explored the utilization of Hyperledger Fabric as well as Hyperledger Composer technology. The implemented system is then under test for performance evaluation. According to experimental results, read access has the shortest duration needed, which is 33% faster than Create, 69% compared to Delete, and 82% compared to Update. Update function has the longest average duration needed. Furthermore, reading using query would dramatically slow down the Read function with the increase of the average read duration over 10 commodities category by 12238.9%, over 100 commodities category by 1950%, and over 1000 commodities category by 308% than reading without using a query.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.c1033.0193s20 fatcat:4o6debouavg3ppc2szagsad2hi