Optimization of Syr Darya Water and Energy Uses

Elena Antipova, Alexi Zyryanov, Daene McKinney, Andre Savitsky
2002 Water international  
ABSRACT Since independence, joint use of water resources in the Aral Sea basin has been a critical international problem between the Central Asian republics, especially in the Syr Darya basin where the tradeoffs between use of water for agricultural and energy production are very acute. Previous centralized methods of planning, formation of independent countries and the emergence of national interests have made the coordinated operation the Naryn-Syr Darya Cascade of reservoirs complicated. In
more » ... rs complicated. In order to implement recent international agreements on the use of water and energy resources of the Syr Darya basin providing for the mutual supply of electric fuel and energy resources to settle water and energy relations, a model was developed to optimize operation modes for the major reservoirs of the basin. This model was used as the basis for developing a complex model of the operation of the Naryn Cascade of hydropower plants and the interactions of the Kyrgyz Republic energy system and the other Syr Darya basin countries through the Central Asian electricity pool. The model is described and the results of using the model to analyze three scenarios of Nayrn Cascade operation are presented.
doi:10.1080/02508060208687038 fatcat:h7n7p7q66japtdzr7umtwxjsqe