Medical Students and English for Medical Purposes

Quadeer*, Saba Hussain, Dr. Mandvi Singh**
2021 Zenodo  
The main objective of the research is to investigate attitudes of medical students of India towards English language communication skills as well as the effect of socio-demographic factors on attitudes toward acquiring these skills. In several non-English-speaking nations, disagreements have erupted over the medium of instruction in medical schools. Due to the predominance of English in medical science, a new ESP branch (English for Specific Purposes) known as EMP is being developed (English
more » ... Medical Purposes). Although the importance of doctor-patient communication is now recognized in India, the problem of language barriers in healthcare has gained very little attention in the country. As a result of the adoption of English as an international language of science and medicine throughout the past few years, a significant amount of medical research and literature has been created in English. The ability to communicate effectively (CS) is essential for physicians. Patients, after all, place a high value on consultations because they are the most important component of their treatment. CS is an essential and teachable ability; yet, in contrast to their western counterparts, it is not extensively taught in Indian medical colleges. It is felt that future generations of doctors will be faced with professional demands that can only be handled by taking an approach to the acquisition of competencies that is multidisciplinary in their field. The mobility of the workforce and the continual advancement of information and communication technology are just a few of the reasons why communication skills in foreign languages, particularly English as a global lingua franca in business and science, must be included in doctors' competencies. A survey of students and teachers about the importance of communication skills in English was conducted to determine the attitudes of future professional doctors towards the importance of communication skills in English. The descriptive statistics approaches have been used to describe the o [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5302950 fatcat:cpvdjmvglzaqpg2r5brbh4wtiy