Separating Gas and Water from Oil

1896 Scientific American  
The speed controller shown in the iIIustratio,l is de signed to take the place of and supersede the old style cone countm'shaft, giving in its place a con troller much more compact in design and having for its peculiar ad vantages the facility of changing the speed to any desircd rate within its scope, even to the fewest number of revolutions. This is effect.ed with out loss of time on the part of the operator or the touching of the belt, bnt simply by tUl'Ding a lever from right to left, or
more » ... ight to left, or left to right, as he may wish to increase or decrease the speed of his machine, thereby avoiding all danger from accident incident to hand· ling the belt or soiling the hands from coming in con tact with it.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02291896-132a fatcat:u3irf6ad3jh3jbbhqgmr6xssyu