PP-013 New perspectives in immunotherapy of hepadnavirus chronic infection

E. D'Ugo, R. Giuseppetti, A. Canitano, C. Argentini, S. Catone, M. Rapicetta
2008 International Journal of Infectious Diseases  
Poster Presentations S59 Previously, we have established one e library by introducing 8 randomized sequences in upper stem and selected out a series of RNA aptamers with higher affinity to P protein based on the in vitro SELEX in duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV) system. Interestingly, we observed that only part of these stronger binders support priming. In order to explore structural determinants within e, all selected aptamers were subjected to RNA structural mapping. We found that an undamaged
more » ... that an undamaged bulge is essential for initiating priming. On the other hand, our study demonstrates that the stronger binders with damaged bulge structure are able to be potentially used as decoys for antiviral therapy by interfering with the protein-priming process of wild type DHBV.
doi:10.1016/s1201-9712(09)60164-8 fatcat:gzir4rsufnbspouppwfzgypa2i