Singularitäten [report]

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach
The conference was organized by G.-M. Greuel (Kaiserslautern), J.H.M. Steenbrink (Nijmegen) and V.A. Vassiliev (Moscow) and attended by 44 participants from Europe, North America and Israel. As the conference showed, singularity theory is still a very active area with many new exciting interactions with other areas in mathematics. This was represented in 24 talks which were devoted, besides to singularity theory itself, to knot theory, motivic integration, Frobenius manifolds and theoretical
more » ... sics, global algebraic geometry, hyperplane arrangements, combinatorics and toric geometry, characteristic classes and elliptic genera, and di erential equations. One of the talks was devoted to algorithms and computational aspects of singularity theory together with a demonstration of the computer algebra system Singular. The lectures, in particular the talks with relations to di erent mathematical areas, were very inspiring and created a lively exchange of mathematical ideas.
doi:10.14760/tb-2001-41 fatcat:eue7gjly6nfivgj4orfcryjidu