Characterization of Microcystis Strains by Alkyl Sulfides and β-Cyclocitral

Friedrich Jiittner
1984 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C - A Journal of Biosciences  
Cyanobacteria of the genus Microcystis have been found to liberate large amounts of β-cyclo- citral. While all seven strains of Microcystis studied possessed this property, it has not been found in any other cyanobacterial species. This chemical characteristic of the genus Microcystis enables the unequivocal systematic arrangement of controversial species. Another chemical property allows two chemotypes to be distinguished within the genus Microcystis: one exhibits an intensive release of
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doi:10.1515/znc-1984-9-1002 fatcat:2d5grdte3rgdtk5fybtqb64uhq