Active Obstacle Detection System Based on Video Recognition and Lidar Information Fusion

Jiang Yaodong
2020 New Metro  
In terms of the requirements for obstacle detection in the rail transit application field, an architecture and implementation method for active obstacle detection system based on the fusion of video recognition and lidar information is proposed. The studies on the video recognition algorithms based on deep learning neural network and lidar for orbit area recognition, pedestrian vehicle recognition, and small foreign object recognition are analyzed, and the necessity of the fusion of video
more » ... sion of video recognition and lidar data and the related key technical points are discussed. Through the tests on domestic metro and tram lines, the feasibility of the scheme is verified, and the technical parameters are optimized, which can effectively reduce the probability of accidents caused by foreign object intrusion.
doi:10.37819/nm.001.01.0073 fatcat:37quctoaqreqlbyrf5qsdr75v4