Application of Stereo Vision 3D Target Recognition Using Camera Calibration Algorithm

Guo-Shing Huang, Yu-Yong Tseng
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 AASRI International Conference on Circuits and Systems   unpublished
This paper proposes a method of 3D(threedimensional) object recognition using binocular parallax. The calibration object is a 2D(two-dimensional) object and a calibration label is placed on its plane. The internal, external, and distortion parameters of the camera are collaborated by taking pictures of the calibration object in different angles. This research allows image distortions caused by the camera to be calibrated, allowing the image coordinate of the characteristic point to better match
more » ... with its actual coordinate. After calibration, the depth, localization, and identification of stereo vision of the image developed by the left and right cameras are optimized; the coordinate, distance, and the angle of rotation can be precisely identified.
doi:10.2991/cas-15.2015.91 fatcat:5ojdtkwhszg2zfd3ai25j5z6lm