Modelagem de dados de resposta ao item sob efeito de speededness [thesis]

Joelson da Cruz Campos
In tests where a reasonable amount of individuals does not have enough time to answer all items we observe what is called eect of Speededness. The use of a unidimensional model from Item Response Theory (IRT) in tests with speededness can lead us to erroneous interpretations, since this model assumes that the respondents have enough time to answer all items. In this work, we propose a Bayesian analysis of the three-dimensional item response models (IRT) proposed by Wollack and Cohen et al
more » ... d Cohen et al (2005) considering a dependency structure between the prior distributions of the latent traits which is modeled using Copulas. We propose and develop a MCMC algorithm for the estimation of the model. A simulation study comparing with the analysis in Bazan et al (2010), wherein an independent prior distribution assumption was presented. Finally, we apply our model in a set of real data from EGRA, called Nonsense Words, held in Peru in 2007, where students are evaluated for their performance in reading.
doi:10.11606/t.45.2016.tde-11052016-190457 fatcat:6ffhihttyzgg3k4k5kwg2iit54