Adaptive Energy-Efficient On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol for MANET

Badal Master, Prasanna Shete
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
A mobile ad-hoc network is a group of mobile nodes which can communicate between them without the help of any centralized infrastructure. It consists of number of mobile nodes with exceptional quality of self-managing and self-organizing network. Military operations and disaster management are the important applications of MANET. In preventing routing attacks routing protocols plays a significant role. Security attacks can be initiated towards any layer of the stack protocol. MANETs distinctive
more » ... characteristic like dynamic network topology, battery power and limited bandwidth makes routing an challenging task. Several researches are done in this area and many efficient routing protocols were proposed. But due to the presence of malicious node, these protocols are vulnerable to attacks. Therefore for establishing the attractive MANET, security is a major concern. In this paper we proposed an Advanced secured model for On-demand Distance vector routing protocol, which is highly secured against Denial of Service (DoS) attack and Blackhole (BH) attack. This method can provide highly secured routing with better performance than the typical AODV in terms of packet delivery ratio, normalized routing load and the average throughput.
doi:10.5120/17540-8122 fatcat:5eefi7r3g5culli6hknpfogyii