Biljana Petrevska, Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics, Goce Delcev University - Stip, Macedonia
2019 Acta Geobalcanica  
The aim of this study is to determine the factors that affect tourists on creating their images and perceptions while experiencing Ohrid, the most famous tourist destination in Macedonia. In this regard, the presence and affection of five factors was investigated: (i) Perception of place; (ii) Pull motives; (iii) Perception of safety; (iv) Type of experience; and (v) Fulfilled expectations. The analysis was based on face-to-face survey conducted with 500 tourists in June-August 2016. Generally,
more » ... st 2016. Generally, the findings indicate many suggestions and recommendations for tourism-policy makers. Towards the perception of the place, tourists found the sampled locations to be historic, legendary and religious places, which do not serve just as tourist places for sightseeing. As for the pull factors, the cultural heritage was perceived as attraction that brought tourists to the surveyed locations. Towards the perception of safety, Ohrid and Macedonia were perceived as fully safe and secure for tourism. Based on Cohen's (1979) classification of tourists, the results revealed that recreational tourists are the dominant group visiting Ohrid, followed by the existential, experiential, and experimental types of tourists, while the diversionary tourists were virtually absent. Finally, the surveyed tourists found highly fulfilled expectations evaluating Ohrid as destination worth visiting which gave a value to their money. The findings in this study may serve as a valuable starting point in creating new strategic approaches that may support tourism development in Ohrid and Macedonia.
doi:10.18509/agb.2019.09 fatcat:wnuvbrxawzfa5b2stahexuws4i