Effects of Kangjieum on Serum Lipids and Active Oxygen Content in Overweight Women Consequential Qi-stagnation and Blood Stasis Patterns
약선차 강지음(降脂飮)이 기체혈어형(氣滯血瘀型) 과체중 성인의 혈청지질 및 활성산소 농도에 미치는 영향

Deok-Ja Lee, Jung-Soon Cho, Jin-Young Park, Sung-Hye Park
2012 The Korean Journal of Food And Nutrition  
This research was planned and executed to evaluate how the composition of Yack-sun (oriental diet therapy) tea can effect the health conditions of people who are suffering from diet-related diseases such as being overweight, obese and hyperlipidemic, by taking Yack-sun tea in a form of nutritional supplement with daily meals. We produced Kangjieum with Lycense Mill., Polygonum multflorum Thunb, Cassia tora L., Crataegus pinnatifida Bge and Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge. We evaluated the effects of
more » ... s tea on serum lipids, on homocysteine concentration, and on active oxygen contents, oxidative stress by clinical practices. We have determined that this tea has a significant effect on decreasing body fat content, decreasing total cholesterol, decreasing LDL-cholesterol, and decreses triglyceride and homocysteine concentrations. In addition, blood active oxygen content and oxidative stress were significantly decreased. We think that scientific and objective evaluation was performed on the components of Kangjieum prescription. We concluded that we could apply the components, not only in a form of tea, but also in other forms of various foods. The information we received from this conclusion will be basic information on how we can apply oriental medicinal resources into other food and will be a steppingstone for medicinal herbs to place a foot in the field of functional food research, which already draws sizable attention world-wide.
doi:10.9799/ksfan.2012.25.4.697 fatcat:mgqxsqqpjfcq7mugtmzvkq3wkm