Gas-Sensing Properties of a Carbyne-Enriched Nanocoating Deposited onto Surface Acoustic Wave Composite Substrates with Various Electrode Topologies

Mariya Aleksandrova, Georgi Kolev, Andrey Brigadin, Alexander Lukin
2022 Crystals  
The application of carbyne-enriched nanomaterials opens unique possibilities for enhancing the functional properties of several nanomaterials and unlocking their full potential for practical applications in high-end devices. We studied the ethanol-vapor-sensing performance of a carbyne-enriched nanocoating deposited onto surface acoustic wave (SAW) composite substrates with various electrode topologies. The carbyne-enriched nanocoating was grown using the ion-assisted pulse-plasma deposition
more » ... hnique. Such carbon nanostructured metamaterials were named 2D-ordered linear-chain carbon, where they represented a two-dimensionally packed hexagonal array of carbon chains held by the van der Waals forces, with the interchain spacing approximately being between 4.8 and 5.03 Å. The main characteristics of the sensing device, such as dynamic range, linearity, sensitivity, and response and recovery times, were measured as a function of the ethanol concentration. To the authors' knowledge, this was the first time demonstration of the detection ability of carbyne-enriched material to ethanol vapors. The results may pave the path for optimization of these sensor architectures for the precise detection of volatile organic compounds, with applications in the fields of medicine, healthcare, and air composition monitoring.
doi:10.3390/cryst12040501 fatcat:xdynhplqu5gypfqhebm5sh6x5a