A Concise Synthesis of a BODIPY-Labeled Tetrasaccharide Related to the Antitumor PI-88

Juan Ventura, Clara Uriel, Ana M. Gomez, Edurne Avellanal-Zaballa, Jorge Bañuelos, Inmaculada García-Moreno, Jose Cristobal Lopez
2021 Molecules  
A convergent synthetic route to a tetrasaccharide related to PI-88, which allows the incorporation of a fluorescent BODIPY-label at the reducing-end, has been developed. The strategy, which features the use of 1,2-methyl orthoesters (MeOEs) as glycosyl donors, illustrates the usefulness of suitably-designed BODIPY dyes as glycosyl labels in synthetic strategies towards fluorescently-tagged oligosaccharides.
doi:10.3390/molecules26102909 pmid:34068920 fatcat:eai73lnb7vflpkjkkky635bh3q