Discrete-continual model to analyze and optimize (minimize) dynamic loads in elastic elements/ropes for lifting equipment

Yu. V. Chovnyuk, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, I. M. Sivak, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
2020 Naukovij žurnal «Tehnìka ta energetika»  
The discrete-continuum model for analysis and its optimization (minimization) of dynamic loads in elastic elements (ropes) of load-lifting machines is substantiated. The influence of distributed and lumped parameters of elastic elements on the magnitude of the dynamic loads in them on the sections of transition processes (descent, inhibition, reversal of motion) is determined. The proposed criterion of the quality of movement of the lifting mechanism of the crane, which minimizes the
more » ... izes the coefficient of dynamism in the ropes, as well as the laws of the movement of cargo, in which these criteria of optimization of dynamic loads and elastic elements are implemented, are established. For determination of dynamic loads in an elastic element, for example, in a rope a two-mass model of a discrete type (with lumped parameters) is used, with the help of possible reactions in the motion of the drive mechanism with the drum at the descent, the reaction of motion with constant acceleration is used which minimizes the value of the driving moment drive, linear motion reaction acceleration, which minimizes the dynamic component of the drive power, reaction of motion with change of acceleration of the third order, the reaction of motion with the change of acceleration in its curve of the fifth order.
doi:10.31548/machenergy2020.01.115 fatcat:wmtwp46s2vhwpfnjra4dvgikri