SWYN [chapter]

Alan F. Blackwell
2001 Your Wish is My Command  
People find it difficult to create and maintain abstractions. We often deal with abstract tasks by using notations that make the structure of the abstraction visible. Programming-by-example (PBE) systems sometimes make it more difficult to create abstractions. The user has to second-guess the results of the inference algorithm and sometimes cannot see any visual representation of the inferred result, let alone manipulate it easily. SWYN (See What You Need) addresses these issues in the context
more » ... f constructing regular expressions from examples. It provides a visual representation that has been evaluated in empirical user testing and an induction interface that always allows the user to see and modify the effects of the supplied examples. The results demonstrate the potential advantages of more strictly applying cognitive dimensions analysis and direct manipulation principles when designing systems for PBE. Your Wish is My Command
doi:10.1016/b978-155860688-3/50014-2 fatcat:cx3lqydcbvg5ldc7uutxn2nqa4