Saptio-temporal Deinterlacing Based on Edge Direction and Spatio-temporal Brightness Variations
에지 방향성과 시공간 밝기 변화율을 고려한 시공간 De-Interlacing

Jee-Hoon Jung, Sung-Hoon Hong
2011 Journal of Broadcast Engineering  
In this paper, we propose an efficient deinterlacing algorithm which interpolates the missing scan lines by weighted summing of the intra and the inter interpolation pixels according to the spatio-temporal variation. In the spatial interpolation, we adopt a new edge based spatial interpolation method which includes edge directional refinement. The conventional edge dependent interpolation algorithms are very sensitive to noise due to the failure of estimating edge direction. In order to exactly
more » ... detect edge direction, our method first finds the edge directions around the pixel to be interpolated and then refines edge direction of the pixel using weighted maximun frequent filter. Futhermore, we improve the accuracy of motion detection by reducing the possibility of motion detection error using 3 tab median filter. In the final interpolation step, we adopt weighted sum of intra and inter interpolation pixels according to spatio-temporal variation ratio, thereby improving the quality in slow moving area. Simulation results show the efficacy of the proposed method with significant improvement over the previous methods in terms of the objective PSNR quality as well as the subjective image quality.
doi:10.5909/jeb.2011.16.5.873 fatcat:c7am53hz5vh2vok34gl2zzdriy