Blockchain BFT Protocol for Complete Asynchronous Networks [article]

Yongge Wang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Ethereum Research team has proposed a family of Casper blockchain consensus protocols for Ethereum 2.0. It has been shown in the literature that Casper Friendly Finality Gadget (Casper FFG) for Ethereum 2.0's beacon network cannot achieve liveness property in partially synchronous networks such as the Internet environment. The "Correct-by-Construction" family of Casper blockchain consensus protocols (CBC Casper) has been proposed as a finality gadget for the future release of Ethereum 2.0
more » ... hain. Unfortunately, neither constructive finality rule nor satisfactory liveness property has been obtained for CBC Casper, and it is commonly believed that CBC Casper could not achieve liveness property in asynchronous networks. This paper provides the first probabilistic CBC Casper protocol that achieves liveness property against (n-1)/3 Byzantine participants in complete asynchronous networks.
arXiv:2005.04309v2 fatcat:pmpz7galqnenjecsujea6hlogm