Parameter Regionalization of Hargreaves Equation Based on Climatological Characteristics in Korea
우리나라 기후특성을 고려한 Hargreaves 공식의 매개변수 지역화

Jang Won Moon, Chung Gil Jung, Dong Ryul Lee
2013 Journal of Korea Water Resources Association  
The quantitative analysis of evapotranspiration (ET) is a key component in hydrological studies and the establishment of water resources planning. Generally, the quantitative analysis of ET is performed by the estimation method of potential or reference ET based on meteorological factors such as air temperature, wind speed, etc. Hargreaves equation is one of empirical methods for reference ET using air temperature data. In this study, in order to estimate more exact reference ET considering
more » ... atological characteristics in Korea, parameter regionalization of Hargreaves equation is carried out. Firstly, modified Hargreaves equation is presented after the analysis of the relationship between solar radiation and temperature. Secondly, parameter (KET) optimization of Hargreaves equation is performed using Penman-Monteith method and modified equation at 71 weather stations. Lastly, the equation for calculating KET using temperature data is proposed and verified. As a result, reference ET from original Hargreaves equation is overestimated or underestimated compared with Penman-Monteith method. But modified equation in this study is more accurate in the climatic conditions of Korea. In addition, the applicability of the equation between KET and temperature is confirmed.
doi:10.3741/jkwra.2013.46.9.933 fatcat:baxy5mqaurdvbdslpelxbqis2u