Need of the hour: finding alternatives to a centralized Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system in Pakistan

Syeda Kanza Kazmi, Fatima Muhammad Asad Khan, Ibtehaj-Ul-Haque
The WHO recognizes Pakistan to be on of the top contributors to mortalities related to accidents and road trafiic injuries. The lack of awareness and education in the general population and lack of adequate training about Basic Life Support (BLS) and trauma management in healthcare professionals in Pakistan play a pivotal role in causing this grim situation. Lack of funds allocated to healthcare system specfically the Emergency services is one of the many root causes leading to a significant
more » ... ber of preventable mortalities. These injuries lead to lifelong and irreversible effects on both the physical and mental health of those involved. Moreover, it leads to unnecsserary strain on the already burdened healthcare system. Thus,immediate nationwide efforts are needed to create a system which is updated and capable enough to filter, classify and handle the emergencies. This system must be centralized, should be able to train people and make its own policies. This will ultimately lead to a better management at the emergency site and swift transitioning to the healthcare facility. Continuous.....
doi:10.47391/jpma.1429 fatcat:d4vvzklfwncktkch6qcb46r33e