Report on scipost_201910_00030v1 [peer_review]

2020 unpublished
The kaonic cluster ppK − is described by isospin-dependent NK potentials with significant difference between singlet and triplet components. The quasibound state energy of the system is calculated based on the configuration space Faddeev equations within isospin and averaged potential models. The isospin averaging of NK potentials is used to simplify the isospin model to isospinless one. We show that three-body bound state energy E 3 has a lower bound within the isospin formalism due to
more » ... lism due to relation |E 3 (V N N = 0)| < 2 |E 2 |, where E 2 is the binding energy of isospin singlet state of the NK subsystem. The averaged potential model demonstrates opposite relation between |E 2 | and |E 3 (V N N = 0)|.
doi:10.21468/ fatcat:i3ku4dwfhnavnneigrcgq6ok4a