Code-switching by members of bilingual families in Mataram

2018 International Journal of Linguistics Literature and Culture  
This thesis intended to find the types of code-switching, the functions of code-switching and the factors that contribute to the use of code-switching among bilingual family members in Mataram. The 3 types were divided using categorization of Poplack (1980) . Functions have been categorized using Gumperz's (1982: 79-82) conversational functions. And factors that contribute to the use of code-switching categorized using Auer's (1995) list of loci in which switching is frequent. The samples came
more » ... rom Seganteng, Gomong, and Abian Tubuh. Based on data gathered, it can be concluded that the bilingual family members in Mataram use the second language (Indonesian) not only as a means to speak to monolinguals who only speak this language but also as an addition to their vocab and knowledge in their daily conversations and as an extra 'attribute' to improve the quality of their speech. Using words, phrases, and sentences from other languages is not a problem at all as long as there is a common knowledge about the meaning.
doi:10.21744/ijllc.v4i2.681 fatcat:4wnax7lrcve2terkn7sszlzufe