Speeding up cyclic update schemes by pattern searches

A. Honkela
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, 2002. ICONIP '02.  
A popular strategy for dealing with large parameter estimation problems is to split the problem into manageable subproblems and solve them cyclically one by one until convergence. We address a well-known problem with this strategy, namely slow convergence under low noise. We propose using so called pattern searches which consist of a parameter-wise update phase followed by a line search. The search direction of the line search is computed by combining the individual updates of all subproblems.
more » ... he approach can be used to accelerate learning of several methods proposed in the literature without the need for large algorithmic modifications such as evaluation of global gradients. The proposed modification is shown to reduce the convergence time in a realistic independent component analysis (ICA) problem by more than 85 %.
doi:10.1109/iconip.2002.1202223 fatcat:2zk2ankbifdelbudkltvni4kqu