Enhanced Analysis on Route Summarization and Route Redistribution with OSPF vs. EIGRP Protocols Using GNS-3 Simulation

Haresh Patel, Pandey
Routing protocol is taking an important role within the Different internet era. A routing protocol determines however the Routers communicate with one another to forward the packets by taking the best path to travel from a source node to a destination node. During this paper we've explored two eminent protocols specifically, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocols based on route redistribution and route summarization using different
more » ... ques to reduce routes, filter LSA Types and also reduce size of LSA database, traffic of networks. In any case, having a multiple protocol atmosphere makes redistribution a necessity. Variations in routing protocol characteristics, like metrics, administrative distance, classful and classless capabilities will result route redistribution. Though should be to those variations for distribution to succeed. Then traffic of the network is increase. This analysis will simulate Networks using Route summarization, Stub area, Totally Stub area , NSSA area, NSSA stub area ,NSSA totally Stub Area, Additionally greatly reduces processor workloads, memory and information measure demand.