Coal gangue detection and recognition algorithm based on deformable convolution YOLOv3

De‐yong Li, Guo‐fa Wang, Yong Zhang, Shuang Wang
2021 IET Image Processing  
The intelligentisation of coal mines is the only approach to the high-quality development of the coal industry. Detection, identification and sorting of coal gangue is an important part of the intelligentisation of coal mines. Focusing on various problems in coal gangue detecting and recognising algorithms, such as limited receptive field, slow convergence rate and low accuracy of small particle recognition, this paper proposes a coal gangue detection and recognition algorithm based on
more » ... e convolution YOLOv3 (DCN-YOLOv3). To improve the accuracy of anchor frame positioning and enhance the diversity of the dataset, the deformed convolution YOLOv3 network model is established based on the detection algorithm YOLOv3, using deformable convolution, multiple k-means clustering results average method and data enhancement technology as means. The model was trained through the self-designed dataset, and the algorithm's correctness and accuracy for coal gangue recognition under different size and illumination conditions are verified. The test results showed that the algorithm effectively detects and recognises coal gangue, improves the accuracy and efficiency of detecting and recognising small-size coal and gangue and improves environmental robustness. Furthermore, compared with the traditional recognition algorithm, the network convergence speed of this algorithm is significantly improved, the mAP is increased to 99.45%, and the maximum FLOPs value is reduced by 61.4%. Accordingly, this research is considered to be of certain theoretical value and technical reference for identifying coal gangue.
doi:10.1049/ipr2.12339 fatcat:cgneromi2zgqtnigv5evnxp2v4