Seismic wave scattering in 3D random media: A finite-difference simulation and slowness domain analysis

Xiao-Bi Xie
2013 SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2013   unpublished
We develop a slowness analysis method for investigating the seismic wave scattering in complex velocity models. The wavefield is decomposed into mixed space-time and slowness-frequency domains. The scattering process can be better investigated in these mixed domains. We conduct finite-difference simulations for velocity models with different random fluctuations and apply the slowness analysis to the synthetic wavefield. The results reveal that in random velocity models with different
more » ... ifferent correlation lengths along different directions, the scattered waves show different radiation patterns. It is possible using this property to determine the dominant direction of subsurface heterogeneities such as the crack alignment in the reservoirs. are for P and S waves, and P v and S v are the average P and S wave velocities in the sampling
doi:10.1190/segam2013-0177.1 fatcat:yjd2qtbpzfgu5anqlzlkadneee