6 Revolutionary in Counter-Revolutionary Times 1 : Elaborating Fanonian National Consciousness into the Twenty-First Century The Will in General and the General Will

Jane Gordon
One of the unique challenges of reading Les damnés de la terre (The Wretched of the Earth) today is that while it is an irredeemably revolutionary text, we live in a counter-revolutionary moment or in a global context that has tried very hard to discredit even the possibility of revolution. Fanon's text does not only narrate the effective undertaking of an anti-colonial struggle-of what is required for people to identify the actual causes of their alienation and unfreedom and together to will
more » ... eir elimination-it also outlines the various, often dialectical challenges of restructuring a society from the bottom up. Guiding and evident in the latter is the flourishing of what Fanon suggestively called national consciousness. Elaborating its meaning and ongoing usefulness is the focus of this essay. National consciousness can be illuminated through understanding its relationship to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's conception of 1 Este artigo é apresentado tal como originalmente escrito. This article is presented as it was originally written. Este artículo se presenta tal como fue escrita originalmente.Questo articolo é presentato nella stessa form in cui é stato scritto. Cet article est présenté comme il a été écrit. Dieser Artikel wird präsentiert, wie sie ursprünglich geschrieben wurde.