Removal of Agrochemicals from Waters by Adsorption: A Critical Comparison among Humic-Like Substances, Zeolites, Porous Oxides, and Magnetic Nanocomposites

Marocco, Dell'Agli, Sannino, Esposito, Bonelli, Allia, Tiberto, Barrera, Pansini
2020 Processes  
The use of humic-like substances, zeolites, various porous oxides (i.e., Al, Fe, or Si oxides), and magnetic nanocomposites in the adsorption of agrochemicals from water was critically reviewed. Firstly, the adsorbents were characterized from the structural, textural, and physico-chemical points of view. Secondly, the fundamental aspects of the adsorption of various agrochemicals on the solids (dependence on pH, kinetics, and isotherm of adsorption) were studied and interpreted on the basis of
more » ... he adsorbent features. Thirdly, iterative processes of agrochemical removal from water by adsorption on the reported solids were described. In particular, in some cases the residual concentration of agrochemicals in water was lower than the maximum concentration of agrochemicals that the Italian regulations allow to be released in wastewater, surface waters, or sink water.
doi:10.3390/pr8020141 fatcat:uhuagalnjrcltkph26efustth4