Rate-Based Modeling of CO2 Absorption in Aqueous NH3 in a Packed Column

Guojie Qi, Shujuan Wang, Hai Yu, Paul Feron, Changhe Chen
2013 Energy Procedia  
A rigorous rate-based model for the aqueous ammonia (NH 3 ) based CO 2 absorption in a packed column has been used to simulate the recently available results from pilot plant trialing of aqueous NH 3 based post combustion process (PCC) at the Munmorah power station, New South Wales, Australia. The model is based on RateSep module, a ratebased absorption & stripping unit operation model in Aspen Plus ® , and uses an improved thermodynamic model for NH 3 -CO 2 -H 2 O system to predict the
more » ... nce of CO 2 capture. The evaluation of the thermodynamic model via validation of vapor liquid equilibrium and heat of absorption of the NH 3 -CO 2 -H 2 O system shows that the model can satisfactorily predict experimental results from the published literatures. The predicted results from the rate-based model also agree reasonably well with pilot plant results including CO 2 absorption rate and NH 3 loss rate. The ratebased model is then utilized for the extended study of the effect of operation pressure, aqueous NH 3 concentration and liquid inlet temperature on the CO 2 absorption and NH 3 loss. Two different absorber configurations split flow and inter-cooling have been investigated as possible options for control of the NH 3 loss.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2013.06.077 fatcat:thcdxbsir5b5ndaoy653gpo7si