A family of quasi-variable meshes high-resolution compact operator scheme for Burger's-Huxley, and Burger's-Fisher equation

Navnit Jha, Madhav Wagley
2020 Mathematics in Applied Sciences and Engineering  
We describe a quasi-variable meshes implicit compact finite-difference discretization having an accuracy of order four in the spatial direction and second-order in the temporal direction for obtaining numerical solution values of generalized Burger's-Huxley and Burger's-Fisher equations. The new difference scheme is derived for a general one-dimension quasi-linear parabolic partial differential equation on a quasi-variable meshes network to the extent that the magnitude of local truncation
more » ... cal truncation error of the high-order compact scheme remains unchanged in case of uniform meshes network. Practically, quasi-variable meshes high-order compact schemes yield more precise solution compared with uniform meshes high-order schemes of the same magnitude. A detailed exposition of the new scheme has been introduced and discussed the Fourier analysis based stability theory. The computational results with generalized Burger's-Huxley equation and Burger's-Fisher equation are obtained using quasi-variable meshes high-order compact scheme and compared with a numerical solution using uniform meshes high-order schemes to demonstrate capability and accuracy.
doi:10.5206/mase/10837 fatcat:2j6hzbzbd5aqtf3hhdtrohrnxa