Experimental determination of the Jπ components of the spin-dipole resonance in 12B

M.A. de Huu, A.M. van den Berg, N. Blasi, R. De Leo, M. Hagemann, M.N. Harakeh, J. Heyse, M. Hunyadi, S. Micheletti, H. Okamura, H.J. Wörtche
2007 Physics Letters B  
The inclusive 12 C( d, 2 He) and exclusive 12 C( d, 2 He + n) reactions have been studied with a beam energy of 171 MeV and scattering angles for the (d, 2 He) reaction θ = 0 • and 3 • . The studies focused on the separation of the isovector spin-dipole resonance (IVSGDR) into its components by measuring tensor-analysing powers and observing the direct neutron decay to the low-lying proton-hole states in 11 B. Merging the information obtained from both measurements resulted in the first-time
more » ... n the first-time verification of model-independent predictions of tensor-analysing powers at extreme forward angles and the experimental decomposition of the IVSGDR into its J π components. The experimental results are in reasonable agreement with theoretical estimates based on shell-model calculations.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2007.03.031 fatcat:iv7qcrd42fdlfl453xfxcr6dxe