Improvement In LEACH Protocol By Electing Master Cluster Heads To Enhance The Network Lifetime In WSN

Kanwalnainpreet Kaur, Deepika Sharma
2013 International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications  
In wireless sensor networks, sensor nodes play the most prominent role. These sensor nodes are mainly un-chargeable, so it raises an issue regarding lifetime of the network. Mainly sensor nodes collect data and transmit it to the Base Station. So, most of the energy is consumed in the communication process between sensor nodes and the Base Station. In this paper, we present an improvement on LEACH protocol to enhance the network lifetime. Our goal is to reduce the transmissions between cluster
more » ... ns between cluster heads and the sink node. We will choose optimum number of Master Cluster Heads from variation cluster heads present in the network. The simulation results show that our proposed algorithm enhances the network lifetime as compare to the LEACH protocol.
doi:10.7753/ijsea0205.1004 fatcat:4g3agu4li5frjh3o2xirftg2pm