Manipulation of spin reorientation transition of ultrathin Co films by using an artificially roughened Pd(111) substrate

Jong-Ryul Jeong, J. A. C. Bland, Jeong-Won Lee, Yong-Sung Park, Sung-Chul Shin
2007 Applied Physics Letters  
The authors present a simple method to control the spin reorientation transition ͑SRT͒ in ultrathin Co films using an artificially roughened substrate prepared by ion bombardment with varying the incident angle from 0°to 80°. The combined study of surface magneto-optical Kerr effects and scanning tunneling microscopy revealed a drastic increase of the onset thickness of the SRT ͑t c ͒ by up to 41% for the substrate sputtered at = 80°, whereas there is an 18% reduction for the = 20°sample
more » ... = 20°sample relative to the SRT in the smooth surface. The second-and fourth-order surface anisotropies ͑K 2s and K 4s ͒ responsible for the drastic change in the SRT are determined from a theoretical fit to the magnetization orientation in the spin reorientation region.
doi:10.1063/1.2431442 fatcat:ypcfx2dvvfgldpqtx6bt2o46e4