Core Concepts of History Didactics and Historical Education in Intercultural Perspectives: Review of the International Scientific Conference (Graz, November 11–14, 2020)

A. A. Linchenko, Tomsk State University
2021 Tempus et Memoria  
The article is a review of the main theoretical discussions of the international scientific conference on history didactics, which was organized at the University of Graz (Austria) at the end of 2020. The results of the conference indicate the presence of transformational processes taking place in history didactics. This is true both in relation to its basic concepts (historical consciousness, historical thinking, historical culture) and the methods of teaching history. The main trends of this
more » ... ransformation can be called the central role of issues of intercultural dialogue and cognition in history lessons, the comprehensive use of the digital environment in teaching history, the migration focus of history education and the widespread dissemination of ethical issues, the history of everyday life in history lessons. It was noted that this aspects are correlated with the development trends of modern memory studies, which gives hope for further correlation and mutual enrichment of the two discourses.
doi:10.15826/tetm.2021.1.008 fatcat:c3yhfuflefes3hqhvb3fhpkx4a