Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and biochar influence simazine decomposition and leaching [post]

Hongguang Cheng, Wang Jinyang, Chenglong Tu, Shan Lin, Dan Xing, P Hill, David Chadwick, DL Jones
2020 unpublished
Application of biochar into soils has commonly been used as a strategy for sequestering carbon in soils, for improving soil fertility and remediating soil pollution. However, the implications of biochar amendments on pesticide decomposition has a potential risk in the agricultural soil. In this study, the experiment including four treatments, control (no biochar and no Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), biochar (biochar without AMF), AMF (AMF without biochar), biochar +AMF was performed for
more » ... as performed for evaluating the influence of AMF combined with biochar on simazine fate including the sorption, leaching and biodegradation. Compared with the control, biochar application inhibited simazine decomposition and AMF inoculation alleviated the inhibition when host plant was symbiosised and no influence without symbiosis. However, the simazine decomposition in AMF was different with that in control with symbiosis and decreased without symbiosis, which indicated AMF has a potential to increase the simazine decomposition with symbiosis. In addition, biochar application and AMF inoculation both decreased simazine uptake by plant; biochar application significantly decreased simazine content in the leachate and AMF strengthened this function. However, AMF inoculation has no effect on simazine leaching. These phenomens was attributed to the soil adsorption capacity variation due to biochar application or AMF inoculation. Overall, biochar application combined AMF inoculation can mitigate simazine accumulation in the soil surface and decrease the concentration. However, the comprehensive understanding about biochar application influence on AMF, AMF inoculation affect biochar or soil native organic matter decomposition need further and systematic research for evaluation this method is feasible or not.
doi:10.22541/au.159773409.92357753 fatcat:cssmbogrs5dmbjm4qlglsxecuq