Maternal and Child Health Service Provision Assessment in Tikur Anbessa General Specialized Hospital

Tesfaye Endrias
Service provision assessment (SPA) is a survey of health facilities formulated to provide information on the general functioning of outpatient services related to basic maternal, child, and reproductive health. It measures the presence and functioning of components that are considered essential for the provision and maintenance of good quality health services. Quality of health care is a useful reference in the formulation of practical approaches to quality assessment and improvement. The study
more » ... was conducted in Tikur Anbess General Specialized Hospital on Maternal and Child health care, in child health care, family planning and antenatal care clinics. Objective of the study was to describe strengths and weaknesses, adherence to standards, and client-provider satisfaction in child health, family planning, and antenatal care health services. This study was a descriptive cross-sectional study undertaken using quantitative method. The study used four different data collection instruments, such as: Exit Interview, Provider Interview, and Observation, and Inventory. A total of 450 clients and 130 service providers were involved in the study. One of the most important components to assess the quality of MCH Service Provision was Client exit interview conducted among sick child caretakers, family planning, and antenatal care clients. Through the exit interview it is revealed that elements of quality of care such as important procedures during the hospital visit were made. Majority of the clients, through exit interview believed that the providers perform most of the tasks and procedures during their visit. The client's response was also proved to be similar with the findings of performance observation. viii Important procedure such as reviewing record before starting the session and check about previous history measuring pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature. More than 75% of the clients in all the three clinics rate the service they got in the hospital as very satisfactory and this showed their positive opinion on [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/12634 fatcat:c22ykxuptfgidgnk2xlbk7nzmy