Mode of action and structure-acitivity-relationships of the aminotriazinone herbicide Metribuzin. Inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport in chloroplasts by Metribuzin (author's transl)
Hemmung des photosynthetischen Elektronentransports von Chloroplasten durch Metribuzin

A Trebst, H Wietoska
Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section C, Biosciences  
The influence of the aminotriazinone herbicide Metribuzin on photosynthetic reactions of isolated chloroplasts is investigated. Metribuzin inhibits all Hill-reactions when water is the electron donor, but not photoreductions by photosystem I at the expense of an artifical electron donor. The PI59-value is 6.7. Cyclic photophosphorylation is not affected by Metribuzin. Measurements of the prompt and delayed fluorescence of the photosynthetically active chlorophyll support the notion, that
more » ... notion, that Metribuzin inhibits photosynthetic electron flow between the primary and seondary electron acceptor of photosystem II (Q and plastoquinone). The relationship of inhibitory potency to chemical structure is investigated by comparing a number of related aminotriazinones. The effect of various substituents is discussed.
pmid:126592 fatcat:ao7dv7544ngtfp6gnzsnswmtyq