On the "Theory of Territory of Information" ; An Interview with Akio Kamio

Yumiko Kawanishi
1994 unpublished
PROFILE Akio Kamio is Professor of English linguistics at Dokkyo University, Japan. His academic interests have consistently been centered on language, although his B A. from Keio University was in psychology. He later turned to the study of linguistics and received his M.A. from Tohoku University and his Ph.D. from Tsukuba University. His current research focus is twofold: One major project involves pragmatics and functional syntax; the other, a functional linguistic analysis of aphasic
more » ... s of aphasic speech. His recent works include "Territory of information in English and Japanese, and psychological utterances" (Kamio, to appear), and The Future of Functional Linguistics (in preparation), which he is editing as a volume of a series whose editors are Susumu Kuno of Harvard University and Ellen Prince of the University of Pennsylvania.. ©