Limited motion estimation scheme for multimedia video compression

A.N. Evans, Y. Guo, D.M. Monro
ICECS'99. Proceedings of ICECS '99. 6th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (Cat. No.99EX357)  
This paper presents a computationally efficient molinn estimation technique based on image sampling which determines the dominant motion between pairs of images. The technique is suitcd to low complexity, low bit rate multimedia applications, where the objective is to achieve good fidelity wilhout the overhead o i full motion compensation. This can he achieved if the dominant motion is a combination of translation, rotation and zoom, which can be described by a similarity transformation. The
more » ... hod adopts a new approach to determining the model parameters, based on gcneraling ii list 01' parameter estimates from pairs of block motion vectors and selecling the mean uf those estimates cluse lo the median. The method gives a good sub-pixel dominant motion estimate by sampling as little as 1/20"' of the image area. itesults show the method to be accurate and robust, with low coinpulational rcquiremcnts.
doi:10.1109/icecs.1999.812320 fatcat:z2w75u22gbdzhasu3nmmlg6lde