Preheating and the dark sector of the universe

Yun-Song Piao
2005 Physical Review D  
Regarding long life particles produced during preheating after inflation as dark matter, we find that its back reaction on the field ϕ could lock ϕ in a false vacuum up to today. This false vacuum can drive the accelerated expansion of universe at late time and play the role of dark energy. When the number density of dark matter particles is dilute to some value, the field ϕ becomes tachyonic and rolls to its true minima rapidly, and the acceleration of universe ceases. We discuss the
more » ... s on the parameters of model from the observations of dark energy and dark matter halos on subgalactic scale.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.71.027302 fatcat:rrb54g3wtvhcplzikqthisbrvy