The results of cutting disks testing for rock destruction

Aleksey Khoreshok, Leonid Kantovich, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Elena Preis, Dilshad Kuziev, M. Tyulenev, S. Zhironkin, A. Khoreshok, S. Voth, M. Cehlar, Y. Tan
2017 E3S Web of Conferences  
To determine the rational order of disk tools placement on the working body is necessary to know the maximum amount of rock, destroyed by the disk tool in benching cutting mode depending on the tool geometry parameters, physical and mechanical parameters of rocks. The article contains the definition of rational parameters of cutting disk tools as well as power and energy parameters of the destruction process by cutting disks and by executive body of the coal cutter. The rational geometric
more » ... nal geometric parameters of cutting discs are specified. It was found that each step of cutting with a minimum depth of penetration has its own maximum height of bench outcrop. The dependence of the volumes of large items destroyed by the disk tool on the cutting step height was determined. The existence of the cyclic alternation of destruction phases, regardless the fracture parameters, the height of the ledge outcrop, and tools like free cutting geometry were found. In contrast to the free cutting in benching mode of destruction two large fragments of rocks in one cycle were observed. Consequently, the cyclical nature of the destruction process in the benching mode will be characterized by two chips and crushing, and this cycling repeats throughout the destruction process with the same parameters of destruction.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20171503004 fatcat:hkmm7o6lonfvnpobls67n4r36m