Michael Doane, Kenneth Hendricks, R.Preston McAfee
Advances in Applied Microeconomics  
The Internet has enabled consumers to act as their own travel agents and to independently verify the accuracy of the information provided by airlines through the CRSs and travel agents. As a result, the relationships between consumers and the suppliers of air-travel information have been radically altered, and we document these changes. We identify the relevant market for air-travel information, which includes CRSs, online travel agencies, and the websites and call centers of individual
more » ... individual carriers. We determine market concentration and market shares using the Herfindhal-Hirschman Index. Based on our analysis, we argue that there is no longer any need to regulate independent CRSs. However, airlines that own CRSs continue to have an incentive to withdraw their flight and fare information from rival CRSs and, to prevent this from happening, the mandatory participation rule adopted in 1992 should be maintained.
doi:10.1016/s0278-0984(03)12001-9 fatcat:gm3fnms3nbfmfmaac224aboh5m