Virtual Reality Conferencing: Multi-user immersive VR experiences on the web

Simon N.B. Gunkel, Hans M. Stokking, Martin J. Prins, Nanda van der Stap, Frank B. ter Haar, Omar A. Niamut, A. Niamut Omar
2018 Zenodo  
Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-degree video are set to become part of the future social environment, enriching and enhancing the way we share experiences and collaborate remotely. While Social VR applications are getting more momentum, most services regarding Social VR focus on animated avatars. In this demo, we present our efforts towards Social VR services based on photo-realistic video recordings. In this demo paper, we focus on two parts, the communication between multiple people (max 3) and
more » ... he integration of new media formats to represent users as 3D point clouds. We enhance a green screen (chroma key) like cut-out of the person with depth data, allowing point cloud based rendering in the client. Further, the paper presents a user study with 54 people evaluating a three-people communication use case and a technical analysis to move towards 3D representations of users. This demo consists of two shared virtual environments to communicate and interact with others, i.e. i) a 360-degree virtual space with users being represented as 2D video streams (with the background removed) and ii) a 3D space with users being represented as point clouds (based on color and depth video data).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3530681 fatcat:nsrgogmj2fe77bn227y2lyi7fq