Development of a portable Tesla coil apparatus

Kenneth D Skeldon, Alastair I Grant, Gillian MacLellan, Christine McArthur
2000 European journal of physics  
The Tesla coil uses high-frequency transformer action together with resonant voltage amplification to generate potentials in the range of tens to hundreds, or even thousands of kilovolts. We describe a range of experiments designed to investigate the Tesla coil action, ending up with the design and development of a touring Tesla coil with a carefully considered trade-off between portability and performance. The apparatus plugs into a standard 230 V wall socket, drawing an average of 7 A, and
more » ... tures a telescopic, collapsible secondary coil. The assembled system stands almost 2 m high and yields sparks up to 1.5 m long, giving it physical stage presence which makes for memorable demonstrations, even in larger venues. † A considerable amount of information is available on the World Wide Web by searching for 'Tesla coil'; this includes a wealth of educational and technical material.
doi:10.1088/0143-0807/21/2/302 fatcat:wes2jxa6xjdobl4c6xbztiutbe