Der Stellenwert von Fort- und Weiterbildung im Professionalisierungskontinuum von Lehrer/innen der Primarstufe mit Fokus auf Lehrer/innen an Volksschulen in Wien

Eveline Goldgruber
2012 unpublished
Before evaluating elementary schools teacher's behaviour regarding continuing education and their satisfaction with the offer it was important to clear up the conceptual landscape. Education is just the beginning of life long learning and constantly requires continuing education for compulsory school teachers, while further accreditation and professional certificates are possibilities to establish higher qualifications. School must react to the constant social change and therefore a change in
more » ... radigms of what good lessons are ends up as a change of continuing education, which is an area of conflict between theory and practise. When it comes to continuous education, the Pedagogic Universities take a main role and they try hard to respond adequately and according to the requirements proposal. The empiric survey evaluates teacher's behaviour towards continuous education, their satisfaction and selection criterias and satisfaction, which is overall positive. In the survey, teachers expressed one common wish for more information about personal relevant options and improvements at the organizing sector.
doi:10.25365/thesis.20093 fatcat:p2panfdahrchlehfqhstf67ghu