VirusMentha: a new resource for virus-host protein interactions

Alberto Calderone, Luana Licata, Gianni Cesareni
2014 Nucleic Acids Research  
Viral infections often cause diseases by perturbing several cellular processes in the infected host. Viral proteins target host proteins and either form new complexes or modulate the formation of functional host complexes. Describing and understanding the perturbation of the host interactome following viral infection is essential for basic virology and for the development of antiviral therapies. In order to provide a general overview of such interactions, a few years ago we developed VirusMINT.
more » ... We have now extended the scope and coverage of VirusMINT and established VirusMentha, a new virus-virus and virushost interaction resource build on the detailed curation protocols of the IMEx consortium and on the integration strategies developed for mentha. Virus-Mentha is regularly and automatically updated every week by capturing, via the PSICQUIC protocol, interactions curated by five different databases that are part of the IMEx consortium. VirusMentha can be freely browsed at and its complete data set is available for download.
doi:10.1093/nar/gku830 pmid:25217587 pmcid:PMC4384001 fatcat:vimbvvqkxjdkpl2ksi3w5c6btm